One introductory dive is never enough! FJD $330

On introductory dive is never enough. Once you’ve been down for the first time, you’re going to want to go again.

Introductory dives are ideal if you want to see if diving is for you and don’t hold a valid dive certification. You can experience our stunning reef, guided under the watchful eye of their dive instructor / dive master.

SPECIAL DEAL – 2 Introductory Dives FJD $330 save 20%

Valid till 31st July 2017

1,2,3 Certified Dives FJD $330

See a variety of dive sites during the stay with our 3 dive Certified Diver package.

Be sure to bring along your dive license and travel insurance documentation. We’d love to show off our truly brilliant selection off dive sites in the waters around Mantaray Island Resort.

SPECIAL DEAL – 3 Certified Dives FJD $330 save 20%

Valid till 31st July 2017

Open Water / Advanced Adventurer Course FJD $599

Complete your SSI Open Water Dive Course or Advanced Adventurer Course for FJD $599.

Our Manta Dive special includes 6 dives at some of the most famous dive sites in the Yasawas; the fish and coral are incredible. All dive sites are within 10 minutes by boat from the resort.

Our dive course groups are small, ensuring personal attention, which we know makes for better learning. The dive course is detailed, you won’t just be a diver when you’re done, you’ll be a confident great diver.

And that’s before I tell you the great Mantaray Island accommodation and dining options.

Find out more about diving in Fiji, we have some of the best reef life in the world.

You can find our every day great accommodation prices by clicking, book now.


Valid till 31st July 2017

Level 1 SSI Freedive Course FJD $499

The level 1 SSI freediving course is a great introduction into the highly addictive and rewarding world of freediving. The course is completed in 8 – 12 hours over 2-3 days and a great way to test your limits and explore the underwater world on a single breathe.

Level 1 includes:
Dive to 20m (max)
4 in water sessions
Learning breathing techniques
All free diving equipment provided
Free dive with mantas (seasonal)
Learn different disciplines
Theory sessions
Static breathing sessions
Small friendly groups
Valid till 31st July 2017

Level 2 SSI Freedive Course FJD $599

The level 2 SSI freediving course takes you to the next step in your highly addictive freediving adventure. Over 3-4 days you’ll learn: advanced breathing, stretching, relaxation and equalisation techniques free falling you to a depth of up to 30m/100ft.

Level 2 includes:
Dive to 30m (max)
6 in water sessions
Learn advanced breathing techniques
All free diving equipment provided
Freedive with mantas (seasonal)
Freedive caves (advanced free diving)
Theory sessions
Static breathing sessions
Small friendly groups

Valid till 31st July 2017