Our Island

Located in the Fiji Islands premier destination, the Yasawa Islands, Mantaray Island Resort epitomizes the perfect Fiji holiday. Boasting idyllic white sand tropical beaches, vibrant coral reefs, a marine reserve teeming with life, fantastic cuisine, refreshing cocktails, chilled out tunes and a close affiliation with the local village, Mantaray Island Resort offers the complete Fiji experience.

Whether you want to unwind in a hammock with a refreshing tropical drink, explore the marine reserve located directly off the beach, participate in our cooking classes or visit the local village, our Fijian resort offers the perfect combination. We boast some of the best swimming with the manta rays, snorkeling and diving that Fiji has to offer. With over 40 dives sites within 20 minutes of the resort, the Mantaray Dive Team will guide you through one of the world’s most pristine tropical marine environments. Learn to scuba dive at our in house dive school and take the plunge or test the water with a TryDive .

Where is Fiji?

The Republic of Fiji is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 1100 nautical miles or 2000km northeast of New Zealand.

Vanuatu is it’s closest neighbour and is located to the west, New Caledonia to the southwest. Tuvalu is to the north, Samoa to the northeast and Tonga is to the east.


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