Mantaray Cooking Class

Join us in our Fiji cooking class & take a Fijian culinary adventure learn traditional Fiji dish Kokoda, Fish Coconut Bake, Fish in Coconut Leaves and Ota.

Learn to make some traditional Fiji recipes each Monday and Thursday with our Executive Chef. Chef Jarved delights in taking our guests on a culinary adventure.

Just imagine taking a traditional Fijian food recipe home with you!

Cooking class menus vary from season to season and the classes held on a Monday have different dishes to those offered on Thursdays. Below is a taste of the menu items you can expect to learn during your Mantaray Island Fiji Cooking Class.

Fijian Kokoda

Fijian Kokoda is a traditional Fijian dish of raw fish, where the fish is cooked in lemon or lime juice and coconut cream. Kokoda is an exotic and deliciously tasting dish you’re unlikely to find in too many places. Walu (spanish mackerel) is the preferred fish. History has it that in the 1930’s a Suva restaurant owner added the coconut milk and to this day Kokoda is a fixture on most Fijian restaurant menus.

Whole Coconut Baked Fish

This fish dish bakes in minutes in coconut shell, the flavour blends well with pernod, coriander and coconut cream with golden puff pastry lid.

Seared Tuna

A very simple and creative salad with freshness in mind,  seasonal fresh crisp vegetables,  seared lemon pepped tuna put together with roasted orange kumala and wasabi dressing.

Cured Mackerel

Traditionally done with salmon but works wonders with mackrel , lightly seared in hot pan flambéed with whisky these loin should be completely cooled down before curing with hand full of fresh herb salt and sugar wrapped with glad wrap let overnight.

Baked Fish in Banana Leaves

A Thai style baked fish with a Fijian twist, marinated with available fresh herbs and coconut cream wrapped in banana leaves and baked.


A locally grown fern that’s blanched briefly in boiling water before being plunged into a ice bath, served with cold handmade coconut milk, tomato, tuna, chilli and onion broth. A healthy light and refreshing Fijian delicacy.


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