Diving in Fiji at Mantaray Island

Mantaray Island Resort is situated in the pristine Northern Yasawa group of islands. Our island is surrounded by stunning coral reefs that house dive sites for any level of expertise. Diving in Fiji is an epic experience not to be missed. Mantaray Dive will make it a dive holiday to remember. Fiji diving is some of the best diving anywhere in the world!

Our Fiji diving sites include: caves, walls, caverns, pinnacles, coral gardens, drift dives, night dives and many more.

Diving in Fiji

Fiji is known the world over for abundant marine life and perfect visibility. You can expect to experience both with Mantaray Dive at Mantaray Island Resort. Our dive boats run twice daily from the island so come and explore some spectacular Fiji dive spots with our highly experienced and friendly SSI dive team.

Whether you are a complete novice or looking to complete an SSI Dive qualification, we’ll ensure you enjoy your diving in a safe and comfortable environment.

With such a large number and variety dive sites surrounding Mantaray Island Resort, there’s plenty for every level of ability, certification and experience.

Manta Dive

We do a single or two tank dive morning and afternoon. Night dives are available on request. All dives are guided by a qualified SSI Dive Instructor with extensive local knowledge. You’ll be guided through the dive site, your Dive Instructors will point out creatures and items of interest along the way.

If you haven’t dived in a while, or still feel a little inexperienced you may want to consider doing a beach dive and/or, having an SSI Dive Instructor with you to ease yourself back in. We can update your skills, and do a short refresher to bring you back up to date. Diving in Fiji is the perfect place to get you back into practice.

Encounter Many Fish Species

As many as 7,000 different fish species live on coral reefs or nearby inshore habitats, with perhaps 300 different types inhabiting a small plot of reef. Fiji also has a couple of residents unique only to Fiji, including the bicolour rabbitfish and black rabbitfish. They have gentle eyes but also have a sharp dorsal spine it can raise if threatened. The rabbitfish has a yellow tail and is rarely seen out of a pair.

The Yasawa Islands are less crowded and have fewer dive boats than other regions of Fiji. This chain of ancient volcanic islands offers excellent corals, pristine reefs and good visibility, not to mention some superb topside backdrops.

Make a dive holiday of it! With over 40 dive destinations available at Mantaray Island Resort, we’ll always find the perfect dive for you.

Scuba Diving

Gain your SSI (Scuba School International) Open Water Dive Certificate.  SSI dive qualifications allow you to dive anywhere in the world. Course can be completed in three or four days, it’s entirely up to you how quickly you want to complete your course. If you’d rather spend your time playing in our amazing environment than reading a theory book, complete your theory work online before coming to the resort. Over three or four days spent with the Mantaray Dive Team we will make you a Certified Diver for a lifetime.

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Mantaray Island Resort is Fiji’s only accredited Freediving operator. You have the opportunity to learn the art of free diving and over a two to three day period while exploring the pristine waters of the Yasawa Islands. During the manta ray season (May – October) you will also have the opportunity to use your new acquired skills to freedive with manta ray.

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Shark Spotting

There are various types of sharks around a number of our dives site, see who you can spot.   You may meet black tip, white tip, grey reef sharks and even bull sharks up close and personal. On arrival enquire with our dive team as to the best sites for spotting sharks.

Diving Facts for Fiji

Fiji has warm waters and visibility, here’s some helpful tips about diving in Fiji.

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Dive Sites

There are over 40 dive sites within a short distance of Mantaray Island Resort. With such a large number and variety dive sites surrounding the island, there’s plenty for every level of ability, certification and experience.

Travel Insurance

All divers require valid travel insurance which includes scuba diving in the policy. Please bring evidence of your insurance as the Manta Dive staff will check it upon the booking of diving or courses.


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