Diving Facts Fiji

Here’s just a few facts we thought you might like to know about diving facts in Fiji. 

Water Temperature

Minimum – 23 degrees C  |  Winter – June to Aug

Maximum – 30 degrees C |  Summer – December to February

Dive Duration

Approx 40 mins


10 – 40m (best visibility in winter)

Visibility is fairly consistent throughout the year, though the best visibility is enjoyed during the winter months. (June – Aug)


Mild to Strong

Depending the dive location, our qualified Dive Team will advise on each location and select dive sites suited to your ability.


All equipment is included in the dive rates. We use slip on fins. Shorty 5mm wetsuits are available for use if you think you might get cold. You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you choose.


Due to our isolated location we use analogue gauges on all of our equipment. Dive masters and instructors carry dive computers to verify dive times and decompression times.

Disposable Underwater Cameras

Manta Dive, our dive shop, has disposal underwater cameras available for purchase.


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