Christmas in the Tropics

With only two days left until the big man in red arrives, are you ready for Christmas? We are!

Never mind the boughs of holly and the mistletoe. In the tropics we do things a little bit differently. Think tinsel around the coconut tree, freshly cracked coconuts with a dash of rum, board shorts and bikinis. The big man will be arriving in his Bula shirt to dip his cookies in coconut milk. Here is what it is like to have a Christmas in the Tropics.

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

We have you covered. With white sandy beaches and light blue waters, Mantaray Island provides the perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy the Christmas Sun. While around the world people are rugging up to celebrate the holidays, we like to dress down. Grab your board shorts, put on your bikinis and lets make a snow sandman.

Set your watch to Island Time


Christmas is stressful! Buying gifts, cooking enough food for everyone and making sure the kids are entertained. Leave the stresses of work behind and let us pamper you. Kick up your feet and read a book, grab a paddle and go for a kayak, or explore the surrounding of our beautiful island. At Mantaray Island Resort you get to enjoy Christmas your way.

Christmas Dinner


Nothing beats a Christmas Roast, and in the islands, we keep up the tradition with an added island twist. Be prepared to eat like a King with our Lovo Dinner. The traditional Fijian “Lovo” is a remarkable feast that we celebrate with pride. The food is prepared in a pit of hot embers covered with banana leaves. This slow cooking method is the key to the delicious flavours and tender dishes which have been prepared countless times over the centuries. Expect the barbeque taste that we know and love, infused with the earthy smoky flavours that come from the Lovo. A roast to remember!

Christmas Drinks

Forget the eggnog and mulled wine. Enjoy a freshly cracked coconut with a dash of rum. Put your feet up in a hammock and listen to the waves lap against the sand as you sip your truly island cocktail. Or join our sunset tube cruise and watch the setting of the sun to the beat of jingle bells.

Enjoy a change of scenery

What a way to spend the holidays! Dive with the turtles in the morning, suntan on the beach in the afternoon and then party the night away. Fijians love Christmas just as much as you and will be looking forward to sharing in the festivities. The Mantaray Island Resort staff want to make it a Christmas you will never forget. Vinaka Vaka Levu and Merry Christmas!