The world’s a crazy place at the moment, right?

One minute you’re going about your business as usual. Next thing you know, the world is in the grips of a global pandemic – planes are grounded, and you’re bombarded with scary news from around the globe. Most countries have closed their borders and lockdown is a way of life for so many people.

While these actions are vitally important to protecting communities, and fighting the COVID-19 virus, it can be really tough to suddenly be cooped up at home all day.

How about an escape to Fiji to bring some sunshine to your day?

And because we know you probably can’t (and shouldn’t) go anywhere for real right now, we’ve got you covered with some great books and films that will take you instantly to our beautiful islands.

So, close your eyes for a second – imagine powdery white beaches, crystal blue waters, colourful reefs, emerald green jungles and smiling Fijians. Warm sunshine bathes your skin, and a breeze brings the smell of tropical flowers and fresh fruit platters. You sip icy-cold cocktails or fresh coconut water. Peace has returned

Now that you’ve settled into your happy place, it’s time to dive in.

Books about Fiji

Pieces of Happiness by Anne Ostby

This uplifting book is a great escape.

A woman who chose adventure all her life invites four old friends – stuck in the dullness of their own lives – to come and live with her on her cocoa farm in Fiji.

At first, it’s hard for the woman to let go of boring familiarity. Soon though, life in Fiji works its magic, leading to incredible growth, emotional revelations and new beginnings.

And if the book leaves you with an unbearable craving for Fijian chocolate, check out our recent blog post to find out how you can get your hands on some. Support one of our small businesses during this crazy time – double win! Many are still taking online orders.

Listen to the audiobook or grab a printed copy.


Seven’s Heaven: The Beautiful Chaos of Fiji’s Olympic Dream by Ben Ryan

If you like a little sport mixed in with your travel, you’ll love the story of Ben Ryan, who makes the impulsive decision to move to Fiji from England to coach the Fijian rugby sevens team.

As you can imagine, his life completely changes. He deals with friendship, politics, natural disasters and incredible victories as he finds his feet and coaches his team to the Olympic Games.

The book shows that when you step out of your comfort zone, amazing things can happen.

Listen to the audiobook or grab a printed copy.


Fiji’s Natural Heritage by Paddy Ryan

This one is for the nature-lovers. Discover the incredible biodiversity of Fiji’s fauna and fauna and learn about our unique and beautiful ecosystems.

As you discover more about our incredible places and quirky creatures, the author shares stories about his encounters over the years.

If this inspires you to start planning your own adventure to Fiji, don’t forget that we’d love to show you our reefs, sharks and manta rays.

Order your copy now.


Movies and Documentaries about Fiji

Cast Away

Starring Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt, Cast Away is set in the South Pacific and was filmed in the Mamanuca Islands.

The story follows FedEx employee Chuck Noland after he’s stranded on an uninhabited island following a plane crash. Using only the limited resources he finds on the island and the contents of various FedEx parcels that wash ashore, he survives for years in isolation.

While themes of isolation and limited resources may hit a little close to home right now, it also shows us we still have a lot to be grateful for. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the stunning, wild beauty of Fiji!

Watch it now

A Summer to Remember

If Cast Away is too heavy right now, A Summer to Remember is the perfect light-hearted antidote.

A sweet story about love, healing, and learning to let go, it follows Jessica, a doctor, on her holiday in Fiji with her daughter. She meets two men at the resort. One is a respected surgeon she admires. The other is co-owner of the resort and his spontaneous, relaxed ways to challenge her to let go of control. Who will she choose?

The story is an escape, and it’s jam-packed with stunning scenery. For an hour and twenty-two minutes, you’ll be transported to Fiji. And when the time comes, and you can travel again, Mantaray Island Resort is the perfect setting for your own real-life Fiji adventure.

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Pearl in Paradise

Another light-hearted story set in Fiji, Pearl in Paradise tells the story of a photographer and an author searching for an unusual blue pearl. As they travel the gorgeous scenery of Fiji together, they might even fall in love.

The pearls in Fiji truly are magnificent, so if you decide to visit us in future, you may want to search for your own treasure.

Screening soon on Hallmark Movies Now. Grab a free trial here.

Of Shark and Man

This documentary tells the story of the deep cultural connection between the Fijian people and the sharks who share the reef. It’s a story of love and conservation success.

Sharks are keystone species in Fijian reef ecosystems. They are crucial for maintaining a delicate balance between species. Without them, the colourful coral reefs visitors travel so far to see would be shadows of their current beauty.

If you’re a lover of marine life, this doco is the perfect way to discover these connections and find out how Fiji’s sharks have been protected.

And if you’re inspired to see our sharks for yourself, remember that when you visit us here at Mantaray Island Resort, our dive centre can help point you in the right direction.

Watch it now

We hope our suggestions give you a great starting point for some books, movies and documentaries about Fiji to help you transport you to our beautiful islands. And we hope to see you here in future so that you can make your own Fijian storey real!


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