10 of the Best Fiji Adventures

Calling all adventurous peeps! You may not realise it, but Fiji is an excellent choice for anyone with a longing for adventure. 

Yes, we do have dreamy beaches – perfect for endless relaxation. And yes, you could easily slip into a bubble of chilled-out bliss as you live your days by the sun.

And that’s totally okay! 

But if you happen to be a bit of a thrill-seeker, Fiji has so much to offer you. There are so many options, it can be hard to choose which to experience. 

To help you out we’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of ten of the best Fijian adventure’s visitors are stoked that they experienced here.

Ecotrax Electric Bicycle Tours

Image Source: Ecotrax

This tour with a difference is an adventure for the whole family.

Based on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu, Ecotrax allows you to venture past rivers, mangroves, glorious beaches and fascinating geology. You’ll travel the decommissioned sugar cane railway through rainforests and villages, where the tour stops to collect refreshing coconuts for later. 

Next up is some beachside chill time trying the local coconuts or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters before it’s time to head back. 

Sigatoka River Safaris

For a faster-paced outdoor activity to get your heart thumping, a jetboat and village tour with the award-winning Sigatoka River Safaris could be just the ticket. 

The 17km journey upriver speeds you into the stunning interior of Fiji, passing through increasingly remote villages. Until the late 1950s, the river was the traditional transport route for residents of these villages to the coast, a journey which would take days. 

The tour stops at one of the villages where you’ll be welcomed into the community to experience a taste of real Fijian traditional culture. It’s an unforgettable experience you’ll treasure from your visit to Fiji. 

River Tubing Fiji

Image Source: River Tubing Fiji

If you’d like a closer connection to the river in your explorations, River Tubing Fiji offers tours of the Navua River, on… you guessed it! – tubes. 

Relaxing stretches of calm water give you the chance to look around and appreciate the remote Fijian interior, where mountains clothed in forest stretch towards the sky. These priceless moments are the perfect way to catch your breath from the thrills of being shot along stretches of white water.  

Go Dirty Quad Bike Tours

Image Source: Go Dirty Tours Fiji

Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views from the driver’s seat on a quad bike tour with Go Dirty Tours

There are tours to suits a variety of tastes and budgets. You can choose to combine quad biking with ziplining, a village visit or a scenic helicopter flight. 

We love the Mud Soothe tour though. You’ll venture to natural Fijian mud pools where you’ll have a chance to soak – a fun and unique experience that’s also great for your skin! Washing off the mud is almost as memorable in a natural hot spring. 

Off-Road Cave Safari

Image Source: Off-Road Cave Safari

For visitors curious about Fiji’s cannibal history, a visit to the Naihehe Caves is a must. The cave was once home to a cannibal tribe, and various historical remnants are still visible, including a cannibal oven and ritual platform. 

The Off-Road Cave Safari takes you high up into the interior by ATV. You’ll get spectacular views over our beautiful islands. 

When you get to the cave, a kava ceremony takes place, and then you’ll be guided into the cave. 

The experience is very moving and is a unique way to experience Fijian history and culture. 

Tasting Kava

No visit to Fiji is complete without taking part in a kava ceremony and tasting it for yourself. 

Kava is very important culturally and socially, where it plays a role in everyday life and traditional gatherings. You’ll notice a relaxed and sedated feeling after a cup or two. 

Many tours and resorts in Fiji offer you the chance to experience kava and Mantaray Island is no exception. So be brave and give it a go! 

Island Hopping in the Yasawas

The Yasawa Island chain (where Mantaray Island Resort is located) rises from crystal blue seas like a string of green jewels. Colourful fish dart around abundant coral reefs. Each island has unique qualities. 

While our island offers more adventures than you could get through in an entire holiday, we get it’s cool to explore a region so visit us and then explore more of the islands to the north. We have lots of guests who stay with us on the way up and on the way back to Port Denarau.

Get your Dive Certification

Scuba diving is one of the most incredible adventures Fiji has to offer. Our colourful soft corals are world-renowned, and we have an abundance of fascinating marine species. Mantaray Island also has two closeby [wreck dives] you’ll need to add to your list.

And for those who aren’t certified yet, Fiji is the perfect place to get your Dive certification. We offer SSI certification right here at Mantaray Island Resort

We do our ‘pool’ sessions in the warm, shallow waters in front of the resort, so guests have an incredible experience from their very first dive. 

We also offer more advanced courses if you’re ready to take your skills to the next level. 

Dive with Sharks

Spot various apex predators species at our shark dive site. Our divers often see reef sharks – grey, black tip or white tip. Bull sharks visit at times too. 

Let our dive team know, and they’ll see what they can do to arrange a dive to the location where the sharks usually hang out. 

While sharks have a fearsome reputation, they are magnificent creatures whose numbers are declining very quickly. 

Swimming with Manta Rays

Of course, swimming with manta rays is one of the most incredible marine adventures in the world. And when you stay with us here at Mantaray Island Resort, this experience is right at your doorstep. 

Manta rays are gentle, intelligent creatures. As you snorkel above them, they may watch you with interest. 

Beside inspiring awe, they’re incredibly photogenic so don’t forget your GoPro for this one!

Now all that’s left to do is decide which adventure is for you?


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