Fiji Coral Reefs Have to be Seen to be Believed

Whenever you hear or say Fiji, what do you think of? Is it the beautiful crystal blue waters and its islands? Perhaps the white sandy beaches and sunny warm weather? Maybe the food, culture and the people are what you love? Yes, it is all those. But Fiji is also known for its diverse coral reef ecosystems and world class diving.

We think you’ll love what’s under the water even better than Fiji’s stunning beaches lined with coconut trees. Fiji’s coral reefs are stunning and thanks to some clever think people are thriving compared to many other reefs in the world.

Let’s fill you in on facts about Fiji coral reefs and what you can expect to see if you’re snorkelling or diving in Fiji.

Brain Coral in Fiji

Fiji Coral Reef Facts

Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world! Our soft corals are what most divers come to see. The tidal currents and consistently warm waters make Fiji the perfect place for soft corals to thrive.

Coral reefs support 25% of all marine life, despite only covering 1% of the ocean floor. Fiji coral reefs support over 1500 fish species in Fiji, many unique to Fiji. Fiji coral reefs are made up from over 390 coral species.

Mantaray Island Resort sits on an uninhabited island called Nanuya Balavu belonging to the Naviti islands which is part of the volcanic Yasawa chain of islands situated on the northwest side of the Fiji archipelago.

With a vast number of reef systems (fringing, submerged and barrier reefs); the Manta Dive team has accessibility to more than 30 known dive locations with a variety to choose from just depending on your comfort and skill level. If you’re a first timer, newly certified or an experienced diver who just wants to dive.  Diving depths range from 10m to 30m but you don’t have to go deep to see everything.

With options of coral gardens, walls, pinnacles, wrecks and caves. All dive sites (besides the wrecks), you are guaranteed seeing a lot of beautiful corals; hard and soft. From branching and plate corals to massive boulders, magic coral to gorgonian sea fans, all vibrant and rich in colours. These amazing reef structures provide fantastic habitat to diverse marine life making it easy to have an amazing experience.

Black Fern Coral Fiji

Fiji Coral Reef Damage & Better Still Protection

We have protected the coral accessible by guests by not allowing guests to go swimming at low tide. Stopping swimming at low tide ensures nobody walks on the fragile coral, damaging it in the process. Given the high volumes of people coming and going from resorts, if these front of house reefs aren’t protected they wouldn’t exist anymore, having been trampled by thousands of people walking out to deeper water.

Fiji Coral | Mantaray Island Resort

Instead we have seen increased number of wildlife and coral species for everybody to enjoy.

Sadly, there are other areas closer to Vanua Levu, the main island that haven’t been as lucky. Some have been affected by damage and coral bleaching.

Coral bleaching is a potentially lethal stress response to overly warm water in which the coral expels symbiotic microalgae feeding it, turning it white. Such events were previous rare, allowing enough time for recovery between the events. Sadly, a study published in the Journal of Science found the events happening more frequently now, increasing fivefold between 1980 and 2016 and the coral reefs aren’t having enough time to regenerate between episodes.

Coral Reef in Yawasas Fiji

Fiji Coral Conversation

At Mantaray Island Resort we have designated a large area at the front of the resort as a voluntary marine reserve. For 15 years now, nobody has fished in this area and the fish life has flourished during this time.

This area can is easily accessible by all guests, you don’t need to be a certified diver too see our stunning coral and fish life. And be sure to be on the lookout for our clam bed, where we’re protecting and breeding this incredible but endangered species. The Fiji Fisheries Act that prohibits the export of giant clam meat which is great.

Coral Fiji

Along With The Coral You’ll Also See

If you’re a shark lover, you can try ‘Tavuniko’ which means Shark-pit. We sit in an elevated safe distance and observe the sharks in their natural environment, it’s pretty mind blowing.

Or if you want to get a selfie with a turtle then the ‘Fantastic Wall’ is perfect for you.

If you’ve never dived through a cave, then experience the thrill of the Caves of Babylon which is well known for silhouettes and scenery. It’s a great first cave dive because you can see the light of the end at all times.

Night diving? Have a read about diving at night, out of this world! The sea life that comes out at night is incredible and the colours – wow!

The beauty of all these dive locations, is they’re only 5 to 10 minutes away, so diving doesn’t take up all of your day! You can still enjoy other activities the resort provides.

Diving is great all year round, with only two climates Fiji has; summer and winter, the water temperature range for both seasons is from 26 to 29 degrees so you don’t even need to wear a wetsuit, have you ever dived with just board shorts and bikinis? How much more free can you be?

Are you keen to see the incredible Fiji coral and marine life? BOOK NOW for your next adventure.


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