About to travel to Fiji and wondering what Fiji is known for? Or want to be on top of your game at your next trivia night.

Let’s wander on through our top 7 list of things we think Fiji is known for.

Fiji Time

I should state the obvious and tell you what Fiji time is (especially if you haven’t travelled to Fiji). Fiji time means everything runs V E R Y  S L O W L Y ! You won’t find too many watches being worn here.

Generally, things do get done but life is lived at a slow pace. Having lived more than a few summers in Fiji, I can definitely tell you it’s near impossible in the heat and humid to get as much done in your day when compared to winter. So Fiji time has a definite place here.

Love or hate Fiji time, it’s here to stay. If you’re told something will be done by a particular time, then give or take an hour or half a day or week depending on the topic. Without a doubt, Fiji time is heavily loaded on the give side of this formula. So, you’re going to need to thrown out your hustle and bustle ways and accept that if you want lunch or dinner in restaurant you need to allow 30-60mins for your meal to arrive. (Personally I go earlier because my stomach waits for nobody).

Fiji time applies everywhere except when there’s manta rays to swim with, then you’d better hurry or you’re literally miss the boat!

Music & Singing

Everybody can sing, I’ve never heard an out of tune Fijian singing, Fijian voices are stunning. Their harmonies are to die for, I could sit and listen all day.

Most resorts have a Fiji or Lovo night which may include a performance or fire dancing. Be sure not to miss it, Fiji night is a great chance to let your hair down and soak in some culture.


Kava is a plant grown mostly in the Pacific Islands, it’s not only grown in Fiji. The Kava plant belongs to the pepper family and its botanical name is Piper methysticum (meaning intoxicating pepper).

Kava is the name given to it by the people of Vanuatu where it’s thought to have originated before spreading throughout Oceania. Kava has many names reflecting the many languages in the South Pacific: awa (Hawaii), ava (Samoa), malok/malogu (Vanuatu) and yaqona (Fiji).

The roots of the Kava plant are cultivated and used to create a drink that is primarily used to relax, acting as a light sedative rather than a stimulant. Kava has been in use for thousands of years – ceremonially, medicinally, socially, culturally and back in the day, for trade.

If you visit Fiji for a holiday you’ll likely be offered some kava at some point during your stay, so it’s important you know some kava etiquette.

  1. If offered kava, it’s impolite to refuse, particularly if you’re male. If you’re female and really don’t want to try it, you may politely refuse the offer.
  2. It’s ok to request just a small taste, which is commonly referred to as ‘low tide’. Your hosts will be impressed you know the protocol.
  3. If you love kava, then you can ask for ‘high tide’ and you’ll be handed the fullest cup from which to drink. Make sure if you ask for ‘high tide’ that you drink it all.



Bula, like the Hawaiian aloha or the Aussie ‘G’day’, is a word in the Fijian language that has many meanings, each of which depends on the given the situation. The word is most commonly used as a greeting, meaning “hello!”

Many resorts, ours included greet new guests by playing “Bula Malaya,” a song of welcome that can’t help you but feel so warmly welcomed and it likely to be your first introduction to island hospitality.

Being One Of The Happiest Places on Earth

Fijian’s big bula smiles make it no surprise that Fijian’s come out on top as being one in the 2018 Gallup International’s Annual Global Survey as the happiest cultures on Earth. We think this is what Fiji is best known for, do you agree? Well, that and Fiji’s stunning 333 island, so let’s chat about them next.

Mantaray Island SMILE What is Fiji known for

Only 333 Stunning Islands

Is Fiji a nice place, you ask? I’ll just leave this here…

Fiji is definitely in line for the most stunning place on Earth as well.

Now that you know some new fun facts about Fiji, you’re going to want to visit for sure.

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