You’ve seen the photos of Fiji’s stunning water and incredibly beautiful islands, so I shouldn’t need to give you any reasons to travel to Fiji.

If this is you, then feel free to click through to BOOK NOW and select your dates. But, if you who need a little nudge, here are our top reasons to travel to Fiji.


1. Pristine Blue Waters

Nothing compares to the pristine blue waters. Whether you’re out in a boat, paddle boarding or snorkelling the visibility in the sea is incredible.

Reasons to visit Fiji | Visit Nanuya Balevu Island

2. It’s A Short Flight

Fiji is only a short flight from Australia and NZ, it’s usually between 3 – 5 hours depending on your origin. In my book, that’s just enough time to settle in enjoy a meal and catch up on a movie before you’re at top of decent and ready to prepare for your Fiji adventure.

Fiji Airways flies to both Australia and USA making it a great stopover on the way home if you’re travelling to or from the United States. What an epic stopover to break up your trip along the way. I can think of worse places to get over jet lag than to be lazing by the ocean on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

3. Fiji is the Happiest Place on Earth Fijians Will Welcome You

Fijians are so darn friendly, they’re some of the happiest people in the world, welcoming you to their island home even before you step off the plane. Our guests frequently comment that it’s hard to leave and they truly feel part of the Mantaray family by the time it comes to say goodbye. Our staff play a huge role in making you feel so welcome and it’s why we have such a high returnee rate. You’ll want to come back for sure.


We think Mantaray Island Resort is the best resort in Fiji, value for money, pristine reefs, excellant food the list goes on.

4. Best Reefs Hands Down

Mantaray Island has some of the best reefs in Fiji if not the world! We’ve protected our reef immediately off the beach in front of the resort. This is where you’ll experience some of the best snorkeling in Fiji. Here you can get up close to the beautiful marine animals and amazing coral reefs and because it’s protected you know you’ll come back only to find it better than the year before.

5. Swim With The Manta Rays

Depending on the season you can tick off a bucket list item as you swim with the majestical manta rays. This is a once in a life-time opportunity and that alone is worth the visit.

6. Accommodation To Suit All Budgets

Our resort has one the best vibes of any island resort with accommodation to suit everyone.  The secluded rooms, the Beachfront Villas or Reef Bures making a perfect honeymoon option.

If you’re looking to stretch your budget as far as possible, our Paradise Dorm is where the action’s at located at only $45 FJD / $30 AUD per night.

Either way, you’re rarely more than 20 steps to the ocean – seriously! And there is a secret beach that not many know about, where you’re likely to have it entirely to yourself.

7. We’ll Be Doing The Cooking

Mantaray Island Resort is known for the best Fijian food in the Yasawa Islands.  Fresh ingredients, locally caught fish and seasonal tropical fruit is served daily in our continental buffet breakfast, a la carte lunches and three course a la carte dinners.

Am I making you hungry yet? And let’s not forget about the cocktails!

8. Escape & Unplug

You have the option to switch off from technology or not. The island has wifi facilities and mobile reception. So you can still Facebook your friends and totally make them jealous. They can follow along via #mantarayisland

We’re pretty sure you won’t be wanting to watch TV, but just in case the big game is one the main bure features cable TV so you can keep up to speed with all the sporting competitions and current events from home.

9. The Best Place on Earth To Laze in a Hammock

You can spend all the time you want relaxing under a coconut tree, working on your tan or chilling out with a good book. There are beach loungers and hammocks all around the resort for those who want to kick back and put their feet up. You can even book a massage.

10. Let Us Take Charge of Your Day

A dedicated activities team can keep you busy as you learn to palm weave, shatter a coconut, make coconut jewelry or even cook traditional Fiji recipes with our chef.

11. Experience Activities You Never Dreamed of Doing

We have the everyday island experiences, paddling kayaks, village trips and guide snorkelling and then there are the activities you never dreamed of doing.

See the sun disappear into the ocean on our world famous Mantaray Island Sunset Tube Cruise. Grab a few drinks and kick back with some tunes and great company watching the sunset. It’s a unique experience that’s for sure!


There’s plenty of sun, beach and outdoor activity so you will need a hat and suncream. Insect repellent is handy to have too. There’s nothing worse than being burnt and itchy on holiday.

Bring more than one pair of swimmers – you will most likely live in them. However, there can be a cool breeze at night time though so pack at least one long sleeve top or jacket.

There are no shops on the island so bring some basic essentials.

Bring your go-pro. You’ll get the best action shots out in the water and you’ll definitely want this if you choose to do a dive.

Convinced? Take a look at an accommodation option that suits you.


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