Are you somebody who can’t sit still?

Does the thought of sitting on a beach for a week bore you to tears?

Ever thought about doing your dive certificate?

Ever thought about combining a holiday with becoming a Certified Diver?

BOOM! There’s an idea…

Over three or four days spent with the Manta Dive Team we will make you a Certified Diver for a lifetime. So come for a week and start with your dive certificate and then continue diving or chill out for the remaining days once you’re a Certified Diver.

If you are looking to get your diving certificate whilst in Fiji, Mantaray Island Resort is the spot.  It is one of the only places in Fiji to get certified as a Freediver or you can gain your SSI Open Water Dive certificate.

Dive Certificate Fiji | Learning to Dive in Fiji

Mantaray Island has a large number and variety of dive sites surrounding the island catering for all levels and experience. From caves, walls, and caverns, to coral gardens, shark dives and night dives.

When you dive into the clear waters you should be lucky enough to see an abundance of marine life including TURTLES, both Green and Hawksbill. Both of these are endangered and Mantaray Island Resort is dedicated to protecting them.

I just want to try diving

If you don’t have a dive certificate our SSI Introductory Dive is ideal for you. After a briefing by our fully qualified Dive Instructor, they will guide you as you head under the water. Our Dive Instructors will literally hold your hand and help you each step of the way.

Dive Certificate Fiji | Learning to Dive in Fiji

Once you’re underwater your eyes will be opened to an entirely new world! You may never want to return to the land ever again.

From there, if you love it, we have the flexibility for you to book straight into a dive course to become a certified diver. The only limitation on this option is the length of your stay. Five to seven days will have you covered either way.

I’m already a Certified Diver

If you’re already a Certified Diver you have two choices.

  1. Do the open water dives of your choice
  2. Complete other advanced courses to take your skills to the next level.

Whether you’re a newbie, certified or looking to complete your dive course with Manta Dive…

Let’s dive in with our tips for everything you need to know about doing your dive certificate in Fiji

Planning Your Trip to Fiji

Keep in mind when you’re planning you’ll need 24 hours between your last dive and your flight home. This is part of the reason why we suggest doing your dive certificate at the beginning of your stay.

Medical Certificate

Let our staff know if you want to do a Dive Certificate during your stay. We’ll send you a medical survey to complete prior to your stay. You should not undertake diving without medical clearance if you have previously suffered from asthma or epilepsy.

Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on diving in Fiji then we need you to have travel insurance and will ask you to provide a copy of your policy prior to diving with Manta Dive. We respect that we are located in a remote location and in the unlikely event of an emergency we need to be sure you’ll be taken care of.

Do Your Homework Before You Travel to Fiji?

While we’ve never had to fail any dive certificate students, there is some study you’ll have to do to complete the course. Our Dive Instructors suggest letting reservations know you’re wanting to book a dive course so we can give you prior to access to the online study guide. This way you can do your study before travelling to Fiji and can spend your afternoons soaking up some sun or having a few bevies rather than having your head in a book studying.

Don’t Forget Your Dive Licence

If you’re already certified be sure to bring your dive license with you. Even though Manta Dive is affiliated with SSI we recognise other dive agencies such as PADI.

We Have Wetsuits

Wetsuits weigh a fair bit, so unless you can’t live without yours, there’s no need to bring it with you to Fiji. We have a variety of wetsuit sizes so you can leave your wetsuit at home.

Masks, Snorkels & Fins

We also have plenty of masks and snorkels. But, if you have one and you love it, then bring it along, they are a little oddly shaped but are lightweight so bring it along.

The only reason to bring fins is if you have extraordinarily large feet. We have fins to suit most standard feet sizes.

Bring Your Dive Watch

If you own a dive watch, don’t forget to pack it. Modern dive watches also count your dives, so you’ll have the opportunity to add your Fiji dives to your tally.

Bring Your Underwater Camera

You’ll want some evidence you dived in Fiji in some of the most epic dive locations in the world. If you have an underwater camera bring it with you and don’t forget to pack a spare memory stick along with it.

What to Expect?

Our Manta Dive Team will take you through a series of education sessions, followed by six dives. Some of these dives will be designed to teach you lifesaving skills


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