Top Five Things to do at Mantaray Island Resort

With so much to offer it is difficult to narrow it down to our top five things. But here are five of our favourite things to do in Fiji at Mantaray Island Resort.

Number Five – Island Exploring

We have nine gorgeous beaches for you to explore and we are excited to show them off. There are several ways you can explore the island. On your own, just make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen, pack some water and tell one of our activities staff before you leave.

You could also grab a Kayak and paddle to some of the beaches. Lastly, you could join our guided eco hike of the island where you will learn about the traditional uses of the island’s plants and explore the isolated beaches located around the island’s 7km circumference.

Number Four – Village Visit

Our neighbouring village, Soso, located two islands away, it is the largest village in the Yasawa Archipelago. No trip is complete without stopping by to play with the kids during their break at the village school. Guests can experience first hand what life is like in a contemporary Fijian village. We visit the community church, explore the village and talk with the elders.

The children living in Soso Village go to the primary school on the island from grade 1 to grade 8 and can often be seen each afternoon playing football on the school oval in the centre of the village. Once the children finish primary school they then go to Naviti Island for high school, which is approximately five to six villages.

Many of the villagers from Soso work in the surrounding resorts, some catch fish for a living, some collect and sell coconuts, and others farm the land, taking their produce to Lautoka markets every Thursday. The villagers also generate income from the leasing of land and yearly fees paid by the owners of many of the resorts in the area.

Visiting one of the villages gives you a rare insight into what the real Fiji looks like. It is an experience that will put a smile on your face and you will never forget.

Number Three – Sunset Tube Cruise

Discover the world famous Mantaray Island Sunset Tube Cruise. Grab a few of your favourite beers, cocktails or a bottle of bubbles from the bar and head out on our world famous sunset tube cruise. Kick back with some amping tunes, a cold drink and some great company to watch the sun slowly drop off into the ocean. If lucks on your side you might even get to see the green flash.

This is an experience that people rave about and want to do over and over. A great way to kick start your night!

Number Two – Scuba Diving

Picture an incredibly colourful reef garden – pink, purple, yellow, red, green, blue – and then imagine it all moving. Swaying in a liquid breeze. Pulsing with life. This is diving at Mantaray.

If you are thinking about learning to dive or just want to try it once then we’ll ensure you enjoy your diving in a safe and comfortable environment. Marine biologists have rated our reef one of the healthiest and most diverse reefs in Fiji. As for the experienced diver, we have world famous dive sites that will take your breath away.

Diving at Mantaray is an experience not to be missed.

Number One – Swim with Manta rays

These angels of the ocean will take your breath away. There’s nothing in the world quite like swimming with a magnificent Manta Ray in its natural environment. There’s truly only a few places in the world swimming with Manta Rays is even possible. Mantaray Island is one of those rare places.

Come and spend time with our name sake. This is an experience that you will never ever forget.


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