Fiji is a land full of beauty and diversity and with so much on offer, it is sometimes hard to pick what to do!  From getting to know the wonderful local people to hiking the peaks of untouched tropical islands or relaxing on pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters.

One adventure not to be overlooked is the quality of diving in Fiji. Anyone who has been on a dive trip to Fiji will tell you that this place has some of the most spectacular and beautiful marine life and soft corals in the world.

Can I dive?

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced diver or never dived before. Many places in Fiji offer experiences to suit every level of diver and as many dive instructors will tell you

“if you can breathe, you can dive”

Our Dive Instructors at Mantaray Island Resort are experts at making you feel comfortable in the water and creating tailor made dives to suit your needs.

So as long as you’re over 12 years of age and have no medical conditions that exclude you from diving. There is absolutely no experience necessary.

Why dive in Fiji?

Picture an incredibly colourful reef garden – pink, purple, yellow, red, green, blue – and then imagine it all moving. Swaying in a liquid breeze. Pulsing with life.

This is Fiji – often cited as ‘soft coral capital’ of the diving world – and with good reason. Many areas of Fiji feature beautiful reefs that are totally encompassed with soft corals, which are shrub-like organisms that puff up in the current and appear in a rainbow of vividcolours.

Add to that schools of Salala (slack jawed mackerel), barracuda, skipjacks and triggerfish, an occasional shark, giant moray or octopus, and top it all off with the mesmerizing colours of parrot fish, clown fish and clouds of bright blue and pink anthias.

What results is a breath taking experience that will have you back in the water again and again.

So when is the best time to dive in Fiji?

The dive season is year-round with visibility between 15 and 50m.

The winter months of April to October are the most popular times to dive.

“It’s like diving in a large gold fish bowl”

The visibility tends to peak between the months of July and early December when the water is cooler. It can be cool enough during this period to reduce plankton activity and create crystal clear waters, with visibility sometimes exceeding 50m!

If Fiji is on your list for diving or you’ve never dived before and are super keen to give it a try, Mantaray Island is offering the best diving deals in the South Pacific, learn more about the diving courses we have on offer.


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